Copyright © 2011 L. P. Baxter

        When did your get your new shoes?

 When the Gas meter was empted

 When the co-op paid out the Divi.

 If dad won on the football pools (never)

 When dad got a pay rise

 When S.A.T.R.A. had a new shoe to Test,

 When the Local shoe factory had a reject sale

 When my Brother had grown out of his Shoes

 When the school had a Jumble sale

 When the foreman of the Shoe factory was off sick



Phone boxes had Buttons A+B

Woolworth's had there own Record Label

Bottles of drink had a deposit of three old pence

Crisps had a wrap of Blue wax paper with salt In

Footballs and boots had to have dubbing on them to keep out the water

Free milk at school

When no one had a hi vis. Jacket

Only cars over 15 years old needed a M.O.T.

21 was the Big Birthday

We did not have laptops


 Shops closed for a half day on  Thursday

  You did not need to Lock up your  Bicycle

 Fish and chips were warped in  newspaper

 We had no self service at petrol stations

 Air and water was free at service  stations

 We had No garden Centers, Just the  market

 We had no B. 0. G. O. F.

 We had 2 films at the-Cinema

 Smoke filled dance halls and  pubs

 We had no A.T.M. or pin numbers